Sit and Go Tourneys Super Strategies Faking Bad Play

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One of the greatest techniques I have ever used was faking bad play in tournaments. This proved to be the most solid way to place top three in tournaments a good percentage of the time. By faking bad play from the start of the tournament you are leaving a cause for concern with all of the players at the table. At the same time if you play every starting hand for the first 20 hands when blinds are low you are putting yourself in great position to grow your chip stack. Here are some tips on this method:
1. Play every hand even with the worst cards for the first two blind levels. Call every single bet as long as it remains the same as the blind level. If you are playing No-Limit then DO NOT CALL if you even have a remote thought of losing that hand.

2. Half-way through your first blind level make an outrageous bet if you see a flop with all low cards and no draws. You will be putting about 150 of your chips at risk but the plus side to this is everyone will fold unless they are holding a pocket pair. If the blinds are 15/30 and you make a 100 bet right on the flop you have a good chance of stealing the pot.

3. If you are passed the first two blind levels and you are short stacked or did not win a significant hand you will need to switch to real tight play for exactly one blind level. If you still have not gotten a decent hand then the cards are just not falling in your favor.

When you apply this method you will usually place top three about 7 out of 10 tournaments.

As you can see if you fake bad play for the first three or four blind levels you are taking two chances. The first chance is the chance at losing a large portion of your stack. Most of the time, you will hit a nice pot or two with-in the first two blind levels.

By playing every hand you are putting yourself in a position to either hit a great flop or not hit anything and lose a lot of chips.

Always remember you cannot play the ALL-IN game unless you are 100% positive you have the best hand by the turn card. Especially on Party Poker you will end losing once the river card is shown. It happens so frequently that you cannot afford to risk it.

The next chance you’re taking by playing every hand is a good chance at hitting a large pot. If you pull a full house or a high flush on the flop your chips are replenished plus some. This is the chance that we take when playing this method but you will be surprised at how frequently you hit. But what happens when you hit rock bottom and you’re short stacked? You will have to switch to a really tight style at that point.

Switching to a tight style mid-stream is not a bad thing. If anything it is the best thing you can do. After playing bad hands and allowing the table to see this they will view you as a weak player with no threat to the table at all. The moment you switch to a tight style and hit a great starting hand the table will think it’s a bluff. That is why this method works so wonderfully. In the next chapter I will outline classic “good starting hands”. You will be able to see which hands are classified as sure winners.

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