Slot machine A story

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If one followed the initial beginnings of the modern day slot machine one would be amazed at how far the development of slot machines had become. From early steel casings to modern day virtual slot machines, it is simply astonishing to go back in time and follow the origins of the slot machine

our favorite slot machine was invented in the late 1800s by Charles Fey at the basement of his own house. It is said that only when the slot machine was placed in the Flamingo Hilton Hotel of Bugsy Siegel in Nevada made the slot machine gain some popularity.

The initial Fey version of the slot machine is not much different from the modern day slot machine versions. It was said that the slot machine had symbols of stars, bells, horseshoes, forks, hearts and diamonds. It was only later versions that included the infamous fruit symbols.

To further develop the slot machine, Charles Fey decided to work with Mills Novelty Company and produced the Liberty Bell Slot Machine together. The Liberty Bell Slot Machine had three reels with only 20 symbols, quite a long shot from the modern five reeled day, today’s 100 symbols slot machine. The early slot machine was made from iron with a flange on the top that rang once a jackpot is hit.

Operator Bell was produced by the Mills Novelty Company in 1910. He is slightly different from the early Bell Bell because he showcased a gooseneck shaped coin feeding system. It was also made from iron casing and weighed almost 100 pounds.

In 1915, the same company introduced and modified the older versions of the slot machine. They changed the iron casing and replaced it with cheaper and lighter wooden cabinets.

1930 marked the introduction of the silent flange in which the slot machine was made to be quieter than the older versions. From that moment on, many other changes have been made to our favorite casino game. This included the introduction of random number generators that ensured the randomness of the symbols in the slot machine. This is embedded in the microprocessor now currently found in modern day slot machines.

In 1994, the online slot machines industry grew with the onset of online and online gambling casinos . This truly revolutionized the way the slot machines being played.

Slot machines have undergone quite a development, but the ill will of this, it controlled to hold onto and drive the waves of change.

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