Video poker games and slot machines

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Video poker is poker housed in a slot machine. Video poker machines are extremely popular in casinos because they are so easy to play. For slot machine players, it’s a – more profitable or rather, less expensive alternative than – since the refund rate of video poker is known and quite good.

Video poker games and machines poker

video slots are excessive slot machines preferable for several reasons. In video poker, the jackpot is 5 times more likely to happen, the payout is known and some video poker games have positive expectations for the player. Slot machines keep their chance secret and even if you knew them, it is certain that they are worse than in video poker. The only kind of slot machine that could be more profitable is perhaps the UK fruit machines due to the predictable way they pay off.

Like video poker video poker

Game work works much like an ordinary slot machine. After you place a bet, the machine treats you 5 cards. You can choose to keep or replace 1-5 of these cards. Your goal is to allow high-ranking poker hand. Poker players will recognize this as based in draw poker.

You can bet 1-5 coins or credits on a single machine. If you bet maximum of 5 credits, you are eligible for a bonus or even a progressive jackpot (depending on the car) when you draw a maximum royal flush. So to be sure, always bet max or you will regret it if you hit the real to find out you just did not bet the amount needed. If you can not afford to spend a lot, then switch to a low-denomination machine.

Video poker games

there are different kinds of video poker games around. The easiest to learn is taken or better. The odds for that game are very pleasant, around 97-99%. But there is an even more rewarding game called Deuces Wild. This video poker game gives you more hands to victory because all 2 cards are wild cards. What that means is whenever you draw a card 2, it is automatically counted as the card that can give you the best hand with the other cards. Wild Deuces have a return of around 100.77% once played with good strategy.

Unfortunately, the wild Deuces have spotty availability. You probably will not find it in most major casinos like in the famous Las Vegas strip. But you can find them in smaller casinos that offer the most attractive payouts. Or better yet, you can play Wild Deuces online in the many internet casinos today.

The video strategy and memories of poker

every video poker game has its own strategy requirements. To minimize the advantage of the house or (if it’s Deuces wild) convince the positive return, you must perfectly play the strategy for that game. If you make mistakes, you might as well play slot machines.

Further, video poker is not easy money. It takes thousands, even tens of thousands of hands, to see important profits even with optimal strategy. You could make $ 5- $ 10 per hour if you are good and you will need thousands of dollars for a bankroll while waiting for that rare real progressive and / or progressive jackpot.

That said, video poker games are fun to play. They will reward you with many hours of entertainment. If you get lucky or play long enough with perfect strategy, you could hit the jackpot and just get rich! So for fun or for profit, play and enjoy the game!

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